What is Aging Gracefully??

Often when I am consulting on an aging face and I ask what bothers the patient the most, I hear “make me look like her” and they point to my 30 year old assistant, or a model in a magazine.  I make light of the comment and we laugh it off – but, what’s really going on here?

My aesthetic vision for a 65 year old woman is to make her look very good and very beautiful for her age.  Yes, there are facial principles and measurements that I have studied and learned, and think about when I look at my patients.  But, I don’t try to force all of those perfections on an individual patient, nor do I try to turn back the clock 30 years.  These are the traps that both patients and doctors fall into and where I believe patients start looking un-natural or “surgerized”.           www.vargasfaceandskin.com


About Vargas Face and Skin Center

Dr. Hannah Vargas / Vargas Face and Skin Center is all about facial cosmetic plastic surgery, body contouring, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and so much more! We view every patient as a friend, and our goal is always for "A beautiful and natural outcome."

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