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What is Aging Gracefully??

Often when I am consulting on an aging face and I ask what bothers the patient the most, I hear “make me look like her” and they point to my 30 year old assistant, or a model in a magazine.  I make light of the comment and we laugh it off – but, what’s really going on here?

My aesthetic vision for a 65 year old woman is to make her look very good and very beautiful for her age.  Yes, there are facial principles and measurements that I have studied and learned, and think about when I look at my patients.  But, I don’t try to force all of those perfections on an individual patient, nor do I try to turn back the clock 30 years.  These are the traps that both patients and doctors fall into and where I believe patients start looking un-natural or “surgerized”. 


FAT GRAFTING….. for softer and fuller features.

FAT GRAFTING is the process of taking fat from the belly or thighs, reprocessing it, and then placing it in the face with micro injections.  Fat grafting is an old procedure and was fraught with problems because of harvesting and processing techniques.  Over the last 10 – 15 years, fat grafting has been refined to meet the technologies of today.   

Our idea of aging has undergone a metamorphosis.  In the past, the leading aging theory was that gravity pulled our facial structures down.  Now we look at aging as deflation.  Deflation comes from decreasing fat and muscle volume and bone loss.  Fat grafting restores the youthful curvatures of the face in a natural way.     



 48 year old woman comes in for evaluation for a face-lift, because she feels as though she looks hollow and tired.  

After a thorough discussion, she opts for FAT GRAFTING only. 

The result for this patient is a much softer and fresher appearance, without any cutting or incisions.

Hair Transplant Offered At Vargas Face and Skin

Hair restoration for men and women can now be done at our practice. You don’t need to live with hair loss. Let us develop a plan for you. Call our office for a free consultation. 816-942-5900.

Skin Tightening procedure as seen on “The Doctors” – also used by Dr. Hannah Vargas

At Vargas Face and Skin Center, we own a SCITON LASER, the same laser used for Skin Tightening, as seen on “The Doctors” televison show.   This laser gives us the ability to perform a wide range of procedures.   I am happy to discuss all the benefits of the Sciton Laser with you.   Please call my office at  816-942-5900  Visit us at: